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WELCOME TO Asset Workx

The Asset Workx app has been designed to do 2 core things. The first is to enable users to easily log the details of their valuable physical assets such as Watches, Jewellery, Cars, Artwork etc.

This helps to organise and manage these assets with the aim of being able to get them easily insured, mark the items lost/stolen, share details and even transfer the digital asset log receipt, on the sale of the item.

The second core function is to allow users to connect their Web3 Wallet and easily view their digital assets, such as NFTs and Digital Collectibles.

The Problem

Asset Security

Many people still fail to organise and manage their physical assets when it comes to proof of purchase such as receipts, guarantees, warranties, serial numbers, proof of ownership.

Not having this essential information and evidence can lead to potential and significant losses for the asset the owner should there be a fault with the item, if it gets damaged, lost or stolen.

Fake/Stolen Goods

Counterfeiting is on the rise and Luxury goods remain among the most popular product categories for fake or stolen goods, sold both online and in physical marketplaces.

The global luxury resale market expected to reach $51.77 billion by 2026. However, it is the resale market where many counterfeit and stolen luxury items end up being sold on to unsuspecting buyers.

The Solution – Consumers

Individuals will have access to the simple to use Asset Workx App that will enable them to log, organise and secure their assets.

The digital asset log (NFT) can include evidence of the purchase including make, model, serial no, dates, receipts, certificates, warranty, guarantees, photos and will therefore provide a secure and immutable record of ownership.

Users can log current assets that are already owned (self certify) or receive new asset log NFTs for new purchases (certified).


Add the details of your asset inc. make, model, serial number, price etc and take photos/upload the receipt of purchase, certificates, photos and videos.


Easily share the details of your individual asset log securely with your insurance company (quotes/claims), valuers or even potential buyers.


If you decide to sell or gift your item then. you can transfer the asset log NFT to the new owner, making the purchase a seemless one.

The Solution – Retailers

NFT Workx will provide a simple plug-in for the most popular POS systems (Shopify/WooCommerce etc) for brands and retailers.

All data from the sale of an item will automatically be sent to the NFT Workx system that will then create a Digital Collectible which also acts as a Digital Receipt/Asset Log, as an NFT, that can then be transferred to the purchaser.

This creates an asset log at the product’s point of sale which can then be used throughout its lifetime i.e. Guarantees / Warranties / Insurance / Resale / Marketing.


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250 WRKX Credits* 250 WRKX Credits* 250 WRKX Credits*
* To be eligible for this reward you must have completed your profile and have logged 1 asset. * To be eligible for this reward you must have completed the verification of your profile (KYC). * To be eligible for this reward the new user must have completed their profile and have logged 1 asset.

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